1. Gate Installer Diploma – 5 day intensive course covering the following syllabus:

  • Gate and H&S training.

  • Electrical safety, testing and wiring practices.

  • Gate safety systems, devices, responsibilities and code of practice.

  • Welding (MMA) theory, machinery controls, safety and practical training.

  • Practical fitting of automation.

  • Wiring, commissioning, force testing and certification, CE marking.

    Includes manual handling cert and EAL welding* if assessed to standard.

    £999.00 per person

    Additional EAL registration fee of £50 for those achieving standard.

2. Gate safety training – 1 day classroom covering the following:

  • Health and safety.

  • Installation RAMS and Gate Risk assessments.

  • Gate safety systems, devices, responsibilities and code of practice.

  • Force testing, certification and handover documentation.

    £250.00 per person/2 person minimum

3. Gate automation wiring – 1 day practical onsite covering the following:

  • Electrical supply wiring, isolation, testing and certifying.

  • Gate motor and accessory wiring practices (site specific).

  • Safety edge fitting and wiring (site specific).

  • Commissioning, force testing and CE marking.

    £400.00 per day

4. Electrical testing and fault finding – 1 day course covering the following:

  • BS7671 familiarisation focused on wiring associated to automatic gates.

  • Multi function tester familiarisation.

  • Safe isolation procedures and practice.

  • Low ohmmeter testing.

  • Insulation resistance testing.

  • Earth loop impedance testing.

  • Testing of RCD’s/RCBO’s.

  • Multi-brand controller familiarisation.

    £250.00 per person/2 person minimum

5. MMA Welding – 1 day course covering the following:

  • Safety in welding

  • Machinery controls

  • Welding theory

  • Practical MMA welding of different materials

  • Assessment leading to EAL qualification if to standard

    £350.00 per person/3 person minimum